• Annabelle Lee

    Annabelle Lee


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Body 9.53
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Personality 9.81
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Performance 9.82
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  • Average scenes rating: 8.72
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Annabelle Lee

  • Also Known As : Anabelle Lee, Anna Bell Lee, Anna Leigh, Anna Pierceson, Paige Bree
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
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  • barby :Well, I take back everything I said about the lack of passion in Annabell's kissing. Having just watched her with Elexis it's obvious that she just needed the right girl.

    • October 6 at 3:40pm •

  • barby :The photo of Annabelle doesn't do her justice; she is really pretty. She appears to be genuinely excited during the sex scenes (I hope she isn't just an extremely good actress). My only critisism? I'd like to see more passion in her kissing.

    • October 6 at 12:35pm •

  • blotter :Earthquake orgasms!

    • August 18 at 5:10am •

  • sweetpea :You will also find AnnaBelle, in Lesbian Cronicles, and Lesbian Beauties. All excellent performances for SV!

    • August 2 at 9:28pm •

  • sweetpea :AnnaBelle is a grade A model. She is underrated and gives 100%. Has a beautiful body, cute and naturally suductive. Her facal expressions are amazing. Her eyes are stunning. In short, AnnaBelle is a fabulous performer and a very sexual and special young woman! Splended! 10/10

    • July 28 at 7:43pm •