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    Kat Skills


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Kat Skills

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  • whacka1012 :I would love to see Kat and Zoey Holloway again, where once again, Kat says to Zoey, "You're MY bitch! Y'hear that..? Y'belong to me!" Then, really screw her, with a big, black strap on.. Then, have Zoey respond, by saying, "I'm your woman, Kat.."

    • December 23 at 1:11am •

  • whacka1012 :Strangely enough, I would like to see more of Kat Skills.. She's just the sort needed to spice up the action. I'm almost certain many gay, or, bisexual woman has had, at least, one encounter with a real butch lesbian. And, Kat Skills is the 'ONE', baby! Why not feature her, with some of these hotties'..?

    • September 14 at 2:14am •

  • whacka1012 :That would be a hot something; Kat, with Kasey Chase, or, with Misty Stone; or, that sexy smart Alecky Trinity Post.. Get ahold of one of those cuties, saying: "You're my bitch!" Yea, screw Monique, with that big, long, 'tally whacker'..!

    • September 13 at 10:45am •

  • whacka1012 :Not a great body; pale as a ghost.. But, one real sexy bulldyke..! Would love to see her, with Sinn Sage; Trinity Post; Kasey Chase; Monique; Melissa Monet; and, using that big strap on..! Kat should use a bigger strap on! Would love to see Kat Skills and Nina Hartley, both, butt naked, with Kat, really screwing Nina, with a big, strap on dildo..!

    • August 7 at 11:12am •