• Michelle Lay

    Michelle Lay


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Body 8.59
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Personality 8.46
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Performance 8.88
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Michelle Lay

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  • whacka1012 :I don't know about anyone else, but, I really do think Michelle Lay should be, at least, in the number two spot.. She is both, aggressive, as well, as submissive.. She's totally believable, all the way.. Would love to see her and Ms Platinum together again; or, with that new, sexy, black, 'Boss Bitch', Sincerre.. Those two would be more than 'flaming hot' together..

    • November 8 at 1:11am •

  • whacka1012 :Michelle Lay, cornered, by that sexy, sapphic tigress, Deaumxa, and both of 'em, butt nekkiid, with Deauxma, lying on top, really screwing Michelle, with a big, long, strap on..

    • October 5 at 2:37pm •

  • whacka1012 :I love the passion Michelle puts into her work.. A hot and tight body, she does it all! Would love to see her, with Monique' with real strap on action! She should be at least, number three..!

    • July 26 at 2:01am •

  • berlap :Michelle Lay, first of all,is a good actress. She has a sumptuous and very sexy body and above all, she looks as she loves to make love. BRAVO

    • November 16 at 11:54am •