• Nina Hartley

    Nina Hartley


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Nina Hartley

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  • whacka1012 :Would love nothing better, than to see Nina Hartley, butt naked, taming, either Teri Weigel, or, Deauxma..

    • December 19 at 5:46am •

  • whacka1012 :Can't help it! I'd love to see Nina butt naked; and, this time, with, either, Ms Platinum, Michele Lay, or, Wendy Breeze.. And, bring that big, strap on dildo!

    • August 18 at 4:53pm •

  • whacka1012 :Love her sapphic aggressiveness.. Just that I'd love to see her and another woman, naked, all the way.. And, bring on the strap on..!

    • July 27 at 12:09pm •

  • bigfan :Nina is simply wonderful , her scenes are great!

    • June 24 at 9:06am •

  • Christina101 :Nina's butt/

    I read about a female fan who said she held onto Nina's rear end for 10 whole minutes at a convention.

    That just shows how nice Nina let a female fan do that to her.

    • September 11 at 1:06pm •

  • Christina101 :Nina's butt looks great, even at her age. It looks especially hot in spandex. I'd love to see more younger girls grabbing that.

    • September 5 at 7:41am •