• Randi James

    Randi James


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Body 9.42
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Personality 9.90
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Performance 9.90
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  • Average scenes rating: 8.91
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Randi James

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  • whacka1012 :Like Melissa Monet, Randi James seems to go into a sexual trance, indicating that this is the best loving there is..

    • December 6 at 2:34am •

  • bootybay :I'm in love

    • December 18 at 11:19am •

  • timbo :I can only agree with Wallywood. Randi is a real star. She has a great body, and it seems a personality to match. She gets so into the scenes that one forgets she is acting - I hope she enjoys performaing as much as I enjoy watching her.

    • October 10 at 8:30am •

  • wallywood :An absolute paragon of a MILF - beautiful with a body I would happily spend hours exploring, and with a sexual sincerity and intensity I've rarely seen. Her scene with Nica is a sight to behold - either she was deeply and honestly aroused or she is the odds-on favorite to take home an Oscar for best actress. You can keep your younger, more conventional "hotties", I'll take Randi whenever possible - she not only looks hot, she gets hot. More Randi, please!

    • September 6 at 3:12am •