Video - Sincerre Cuts the Shit and Fucks Elexis Monroe  

Information - Sincerre Cuts the Shit and Fucks Elexis Monroe

Sincerre Cuts the Shit and Fucks Elexis Monroe
34:27 min
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  • whacka1012 :I loved the way the scenario turned out. Sincerre, who's the 'Boss Bitch', is on her back, with Elexis on top.. I would've loved for it to end, where Elexis, in slightly masculine attire, arrives at a lesbian cabaret, with Sincerre, in a mini skirt and heels, her frilly femme..

    • October 5 at 5:09pm •

  • whacka1012 :Just the same, I love the way Elexis is sexually dominant over Sincerre.. Yea, I'd love to see Elexis. wearing a strap on, and really screwing Sincerre..!

    • September 25 at 6:51pm •

  • whacka1012 :As hot as both women are, I would've preferred them more naked.. Ms Sincerre is sexually inflammable! Let's see more of her! Ms Elexis is hot, as usual, but, I wish she had lost the shoes in this one.. I hope they are paired again, and using a big strap on.. Sincerre is a strap on lady.. Would love to pair Sincerre with that sexy smart ass, Trinity Post..

    • September 20 at 12:08am •

  • kaos83 :While the premise(attorney requesting sexual favors from a problematic paralegal) is a stretch, the view is outstanding. Sincerre is a gorgeous addition to the stable of actresses for Club Sapphic. The improved graphics are also appreciated. This site is now what I had hoped for when I signed up. Thank you!

    • September 16 at 3:01pm •